Twenty-one participants attended the fourth OCIEE training event which was conducted on July 17th at the University of Dayton’s Daniel J Curran Place, 1700 S. Patterson Blvd. and was sponsored by Dayton Power and Light.

Two energy efficiency areas were covered in this one-day event. The morning session was dedicated to an overview of Strategic Energy Management systems presented by Mr. Chandan Rao, President, Graphet Data Mining. Graphet provides strategic energy management services and solutions by applying proven mathematical and statistical techniques to develop energy usage metrics.  Graphet has facilitated energy management best practices at over 300 sites nationally with an excellent reputation for customer service and reliable cost reduction solutions.

The afternoon session was presented by Mr. Wesley Whited, Senior Consultant, Advanced Lighting and Controls at DVG-NL Energy. DVG-NL is a world-wide company with an overall goal of helping governments, energy providers and energy consumers to manage the growing demand for energy while balancing costs, reliability and environmental considerations.