April 26, 2012 – Brecksville, OH

Industrial Training Workshop

Make your company more profitable by getting smarter about compressed air. Through a series of workshops, the Compressed Air ChallengeĀ® helps you evaluate your own systems and apply proven techniques. Workshop participants will be able to achieve higher productivity, reduced downtime, greater energy savings, increased product quality, and greater efficiency. Please join us for our upcoming Fundamentals of Compressed Air Systems Workshop.


Mr. Frank Moskowitz has over 30 years experience in plant engineering. He has a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering and education, including the refrigeration, electrical, plumbing trades. He is currently an associate of Draw Professional Services primarily in the auditing, consulting, training and system design fields. His specialty consists of Compressed Air Systems (oil flooded and oil free), Vacuum Systems, Contaminate Removal, System Design, and Energy Management. Frank is a Compressed Air Challenge instructor for both fundamentals and advanced training and an AIRMaster+ instructor. He has published articles in Plant Services Magazine, MRO Today, and Energy Matters Magazine.


7:30 Registration

8:00 – 12:30 Morning Session

  • Why care about air?
    • Compressed Air Challenge questionnaire
    • Pre-workshop assignment
  • Study your supply side
    • What is supply side?
    • Typical components of the supply system: compressors, controls, dryers, traps and drains, and filters
  • Understand your demands
    • What is the demand side?
    • Typical components of demand
    • Inappropriate uses of compressed air
    • Common leak locations and how to fix them
  • Are you on base?
    • Baselining basics and techniques

12:30 – 1:30 Lunch

1:30 -5:00 Afternoon Session

  • Stay under control
    • Controls, part-load efficiency, and storage
    • Using controls – pros and cons
  • Maintain system efficiency
    • Simple, quick cost-cutting measures
    • System demand profile
  • Get with the plan
    • Seven-step action plan
    • Personal action plan


The Illuminating Company
Northern Region Headquarters
6896 Miller Road
Brecksville, OH 44141