The Ohio Coal Development Office (OCDO) has awarded a $330,000 grant to the Energy Industries of Ohio (EIO) to demonstrate components for power plants made from new high temperature alloys. This project, part of the Scope for the Year-3 OCIEE Grant, is needed to address the efficiency of power plants using high sulfur Ohio coal and to expand the State’s “Baseload Supply Chain” catalog. The materials and manufacturing processes to be undertaken in the grant are potential market opportunities for mainstay Ohio industries. In particular, the program will position Ohio’s metal-casting, forging and extrusion industries to capitalize on the need to upgrade and replace older power plants. The grant will cover learning new processing techniques to address the special characteristics of the new materials such as their reaction to air when melting. The grant also expands earlier EIO activities to identify, screen and place firms onto the State of Ohio’s “Advanced Baseload Energy Suppliers Catalog”.