Tuesday, September 24, 2019
Sinclair Conference Center – Room 131
444 W Third Street
Dayton, OH 45402

8:30am – 9:00am Registration and continental breakfast
9:00am – 12:00pm Workshops

Data centers are energy-intensive facilities with challenging and often conflicting demands that fluctuate as business needs change. Businesses are experiencing a surging demand for data storage, leading to data centers that use vastly more energy than general office space. The good news is that implementing energy efficiency measures can result in 20-40% savings in energy cost and an extension in the life of your infrastructure. Join us to learn about industry trends in strategy and technology for managing data centers that support small to mid-sized organizations.

Workshop Agenda

A Modern Approach to Environmental Monitoring and Optimization – Michael Conaboy, Eta Vision

Wasted cooling energy is difficult to detect and manage because it is hard to measure. Often there are only a handful of temperature and airflow issues that drive large cooling inefficiencies, but these remain invisible to data center operators. Learn modern environmental monitoring techniques that couple the right data with context to spot these micro issues that lead to macro cooling inefficiencies, even as your data center evolves over time.

Strategic Energy Management for Data Centers – Sai Ganesan, Graphet Data Mining

There are a wide range of energy saving technologies and systems that can be optimized to achieve energy efficiency for a data center. For decision makers to decide to utilize these technologies, they must have reliable justification to offset the risks of changing their business-critical environment. Strategic Energy Management provides a holistic approach to understanding the business impact of implementing energy efficient solutions through data analysis and visualizations.

Energy Efficiency Trends in the 2019 Data Center – Ez Housh, greensource Cincinnati

The modern data center that survives “on prem” must be extremely efficient and cost effective, or must go the way of the cloud. There are still many reasons to retain this, but unfortunately, most existing legacy data centers do not measure up. Here are what many companies are doing to either upgrade, or replace, their legacy infrastructure with something that will satisfy both the CIO and the CFO.

Working with DP&L – Lyle Garrison, DP&L