September 18-19, 2013 – Columbus, OH


The Advanced Management of Compressed Air Systems Training Course offers a detailed examination of the theory and practice of compressed air system operation. It provides the right technical training and resources to implement energy-saving techniques in your facility.

This intensive two-day training will teach students how to:

  • Collect/Use data and tools to assess the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of a compressed air system;
  • Develop and use a system profile;
  • Implement a system maintenance program;
  • Address air quality, highest pressure requirements, and high-volume intermittent applications;
  • Understand complex control system strategies;
  • Align the supply side to demand side operation;
  • Explain the value of heat recovery;
  • Successfully sell compressed air improvement projects to management.

Did you know?

  • At 8 cents/kWh a typical 50 HP compressor operating 2 shifts a day uses $11,600 of electricity annually.
  • The cost of operating a typical compressed air system can be reduced by 20-30%.
  • It takes about 8 HP of electricity to produce 1 HP of compressed air.
  • Most of the electrical energy going to a compressor becomes heat which can be recovered by producing usable hot water or hot air.


Mr. Frank Moskowitz has over 30 years experience in plant engineering including the refrigeration, electrical, plumbing trades.. He has bachelors degrees in mechanical engineering and education, He is currently an associate of Draw Professional Services primarily in the auditing, consulting, training and system design fields. His specialty consists f Compressed Air Systems (oil flooded and oil free), Vacuum Systems, Contaminate Removal, System Design, and Energy Management. Frank is a Compressed Air Challenge instructor for both fundamentals and advanced trainings and an AIRMaster+ instructor. He has published articles in Plant Services Magazine, MRO Today, and Energy Matters Magazine.

Mr. Joe Ghislain has had over 27 years in the Automotive Industry and over 32 years of experience with Energy, Powerhouse Operations, Compressed Air Systems, and Operational/Manufacturing Efficiency. He is currently Senior Manager, Lean Supplier Optimization at Ford Motor Company and held numerous positions including Powerhouse Chief Engineer and Manager of Energy Efficiency Programs. His degrees include a BS-EET & an MA in Business Management and Energy.  Joe is also a CEM, REM, CSDP, CP EnMS-Industrial, and a
6-Sigma Black Belt. He has been part of the Compressed Air Challenge since its inception, serving on the PDC, and Board of Directors and is an instructor for both Fundamentals and Advanced Training. He serves on several energy committees and has published articles for AEE, ACEEE, ECEE, SAE, SME, Compressed Air Best Practices and Plant Services Magazine.


Day 1: Viewing the System from the Demand Side

7:45 Continental Breakfast

8:30 – 12:30 Morning Session

  • Introduction
  • Taking Measurements
  • What is Happening Here?
  • Developing a Systems Profile
  • What is Happening Here? (Part 2)

12:30 Lunch (provided)

1:30 – 4:30 Afternoon Session

  • Air Quality Requirements
  • High Pressure Applications
  • High Volume, Intermittent Applications
  • Taking Stock of What You Have
  • Compressed Air System Maintenance

Day 1 Summary and Evaluation

Day 2: Viewing the System from the Supply Side

7:30 Continental Breakfast

8:00 – 12:00 Morning Session

  • Introduction
  • Understanding Controls
  • Aligning with Demand

12:30 Lunch (provided)

1:00 – 4:00 Afternoon Session

  • Heat Recovery
  • Putting It All Together
  • Selling the Project to Management

Day 2 Summary and Evaluation


Fairfield Inn and Suites – OSU
3031 Olentangy River Road
Columbus, OH 43202