The Ohio Center for Industrial Energy Efficiency (OCIEE) is a collaboration between the Ohio Office of Energy and major utilities in the state. OCIEE’s mission is to provide best practices training and technology demonstration for Ohio’s energy intensive companies. The overall goal is to make Ohio manufacturers competitive in domestic and world markets.

Promoting Best Practices


OCIEE program activities enable best practices necessary for continuously improving energy performance. Training sessions are made possible with funding from the state of Ohio and its utility partners. Graphet Data Mining is coordinator for OCIEE’s training events and its mission is to advance knowledge, tools, and datadriven techniques for energy efficiency. Workshops highlight the importance of a reliable and effective process to Measure-AnalyzeSelect & Act-Track-Evaluate-Report (MASTER) for sustainability.

Training sessions help energy champions to:

  • Make their ideas happen
  • Make energy decisions easier
  • Prioritize top energy management actions to implement
  • Set targets and track metrics
  • report progress and accomplish business goals

Decision makers need access to skilled experts for prioritizing actions to reduce waste and
setting realistic targets for performance improvement. Tracking and evaluating variations from target provide accountability for results. Reporting ensures company-wide awareness and fosters a culture of sustainability.

Data mining and analysis enhance operational efficiencies and uncover insights to describe, predict, and improve energy performance, which supports ISO 50001 compliance. The Superior Energy Performance (SEP) certification program accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) adds an energy performance improvement target to ISO 50001 requirements.