The program was established in 2009 by the US Department of Energy to assist industrial companies in adopting energy efficiency.  Today, its activities are coordinated by Graphet Data Mining in service of the Ohio Energy Office to:

  • Continue to serve as an outreach mechanism for energy efficiency best practices
  • Deliver the energy efficiency products and services developed by Ohio Energy Office to Ohio companies in a cost-effective manner;
  • Integrate DOE products and Services into Ohio’s program for industrial energy efficiency as the basis for a continuing statewide effort.

Energy Champions MASTER Sustainability

OCIEE program activities enable energy champions to establish best practices for continuously improving energy performance. Graphet Data Mining coordinates the activities for OCIEE to advance knowledge, tools and data-driven techniques for energy efficiency. Training workshops incorporate best practices to Measure-Analyze-Select & Act-Track-Evaluate-Report (MASTER) for sustainability.

Learning what consumes energy at the site and visualizing the usage patterns are both needed to understand root causes of inefficiency. This helps select the appropriate action to reduce waste and set realistic targets for performance improvement. Tracking and evaluating variations from target provide accountability for results. Reporting achievement ensures company-wide awareness and fosters a culture of sustainability.

Companies benefit from integrating energy efficiency into daily management practices. Data can be leveraged for understanding and enhancing operational efficiencies and uncover insights to describe, predict and improve energy performance. Increasingly, companies are adopting the ISO 50001 standard as a corporate-wide initiative. The Superior Energy Performance (SEP) certification program accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) adds an energy performance improvement target to ISO 50001 requirements. OCIEE and Graphet Data Mining serve the needs of energy champions to MASTER sustainability.